Melograni stands for pomegranates,  just one of the many fruits that grow in our garden: pears, apples, cherries, peaches, plums, grapes and figs delight our guests every season.

Fresh fruit and jams are own genuine treats for our guests that can also enjoy healthy dried fruit such as almonds and walnuts. Home growth summer vegetables are also a must.

Our speciality  and a regional excellence is olive oil. A liquid gold typical of this land and main character of our traditional dishes: as a seasoning on tasty vegetables or legumes and as main ingredient of a simple bruschetta, as we call a simple slice of salt-free bread sponged with oil.
This unique salt-free bread, typical of this area, is a perfect match with the strong taste of Norcia best products like ham, salami, cheeses and above all the famous  black truffle.

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